Episode 022 – Week 1 Preview: AFC Home Games

Real football is officially here!  Pat joins me to break down each AFC home game in week 1.  But first, we need to touch on the Le’Veon Bell story…..and it’s not pretty!  How should you approach James Conner (1:30)?  Now that draft season is over, we recap it briefly and give you some advice on how to capitalize on a good draft (6:10).  Next, I’ll take you through the rest of league news and notes.  And finally we break down the 8 AFC home games this weekend:  Buffalo vs. Baltimore (26:25); Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland (31:12); Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis (36:25); Tennessee vs. Miami (39:23); Houston vs. New England (44:18); Kansas City vs. LAC (46:43); Seattle vs. Denver (48:19); LAR vs. Oakland (51:52).