Episode 017 – ‘Would you Rather’ Rounds 6-10

Join me as I break down part two of our ‘Would you Rather’ segment!  On this episode I’ll let you know which players you should be drafting in rounds 6-10.  But first, I am absolutely thrilled that Josh Gordon is back at the Browns’ facility.  I’ll tell you why he’s still one of the best upside picks (00:42).  Next, I’ll share the results of our most recent Twitter poll (2:40), and give you a breakdown of my most recent mock draft (5:30).  What’s the latest with A.J. McCarron (13:05)?  And I’ll explain why you shouldn’t go jumping all over the band wagon of Adrian Peterson (13:35).  Which QBs should you feel comfortable selecting in the 6th round (20:47)?  How big of a steal can Alshon Jeffery be if he falls into the 6th round (23:00)?  And for the main event!  Round 6 (24:53); Round 7 (30:52); Round 8 (37:40); Round 9 (43:08); Round 10 (46:00).